Feb 17th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus
Bishop Glennon P. Flavin Council #11737
Meeting Minutes
February 17, 2020


Call to order – Inside Guard see to the door - All knights present are at least members in the 1st degree
Prayer- Was delivered by Msgr. Huber
Role call – Conducted by Lewis Kavan.
Officers:  Msgr. Mark Huber, Greg Shinaut, William Jeffery, Jody                 Kraenzel, Tim Aschoff, Lew Kavan, Todd Henkel, Gary Gandara, Dennis Carmichael, Luis Villamonte, Bill Chapman
Non-Officer members: Mike Braunsroth, Mike Clements, Kevin Creevan, Mark Emmert, John Hetcko, Steve Jarecki, Robert Kluge, Doug Rienks, Timothy Steward, Ron Swiatek, Don Urbanovsky, Andrew Vinton,     Anthony Vinton
Special presentation – Matt Simons presented his work as Diocesan Director of Office of Evangelization.  Explained how he got to this position, as well as his duties and function.  He is asking for prayers and financial support.
Chaplain report- Msgr Huber gave update on sick parishioners and priests in need of prayers.  Gave a summary new parishioners. Gave acknowledgement of the success of kids for games program. Informed us of upcoming church events.
Secretary’s report – Minutes approved as sent out
Grand Knight report-  Grand Knight is asking for volunteers to represent our counsel at the state convention since he will be just returning from the Holy Land pilgrimage. Convention is April 26th.
Financial Secretary’s report – Jody K is receiving dues from several members.  The per capita report and culture of life are being worked.  The annual survey is being worked on. 
Treasurer’s report- Tim A. we are in good standing with the budget.
Director Reports – William Jeffery
  • Faith Director–  Talked about recognizing the charter members of our council.
  • Building and Maintenance – Kevin C. gave report on building maintenance.
  • Vocations Director – Gary G. 1st 2nd & 3rd degrees done with new procedure, wives & family can attend now.
  • Community/Youth Director – Todd H. Godteens doing a new event “Board Buster fun day”.  Talked about putting on a personal finance class.  Talked about being aware of the violence in churches.
  • Life Director – Wayne R.  thanks for the walk for life volunteers.  Need volunteers for the 40 Days for Life campaign.
Family Director – Andy Vtalked about Faith in Action items on Supreme website.
Food Net – John HGave report on numbers of volunteer hours and n           umber of attendees. Gave update on Stephany Sherwood.
Membership – Greg S.
  • Quota is 7 new members, received 1 new member request.
  • Suggested that all members with only 1st degree to obtain the 2nd and 3rd degrees
Retention – William J. nothing to report.
Public Relations – Doug R wanted pictures from the installation of officers. 
Unfinished Business-
  • Counsel will give $750 for the KofC play given by Patsy Urbanovsky.
  • The Wednesday play is for our Knights counsel.
New Business-
  • April Meeting – change to April 27th.
District Deputy – Larry Koerner gave report on district activities.  Informed us of the passing of the prior state Supreme Knight.
Insurance Agent Report - Ian Johnstone
Brother/Family in Need? 
Good for the Order - Lou V. working on St. Michael presentation
Closing Prayer – Msgr Huber - St. Michaels Prayer
Call for Adjournment -