April 20, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2020 -   Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, this meeting was done through     the Zoom internet facility.  This was a shortened meeting due to Zoom time constraints.  Not all reports were given.
Call to order – Inside Guard see to the door - All knights present are at least members in the 1st degree (given as best as possible)
Prayer- Was delivered by Msgr. Huber
Role call – Conducted by Lewis Kavan.
Officers:  Msgr. Mark Huber, Greg Shinaut, Tim Aschoff, Lew Kavan, Gary Gandara
Non-Officer members: Robert Kluge, Doug Rienks, Jeff Sears, Mike Sullivan, Don Urbanovsky, Andrew Vinton, Anthony Vinton
Prayer- Msgr Huber
Recorder report – I was late logging, so no report given.
Some of the following were given a high level review.
Grand Knight report-

  • Correspondence – None to report

Financial Secretary’s report – Jody K.
Treasurer’s report- Tim A.
Director Reports – William Jeffery

  • Faith Director– Don U.
    • Building and Maintenance – Kevin C.
    • Fireworks – Tim S.
  • Vocations Director – Gary G.
    • 4th degree report
  • Community/Youth Director – Todd H.
    • Financial Peace University
  • Life Director – Wayne R.
  • Family Director – Andy V.
    • Food Net – John H. / Tim S.

Membership – Greg S.

  • New member
  • Transfers

Retention – William J.
Public Relations – Doug R.
Unfinished Business-

  • Schoenstatt Garage/Bath Project
  • Patsy Urbanovsky’s - Father McGivney Play – Don U.

New Business-

  • Highway Clean up
  • 2020-21 Slate of Officers
  • Mother’s Day – Donut Sunday
  • Scholarships – Don U.

District Deputy – Larry Koerner
Insurance Agent Report - Ian Johnstone
Brother/Family in Need?
Good for the Order - Lou V.
Closing Prayer – Msgr Huber - St. Michaels Prayer
Call for Adjournment -